The 2002 East Coast Hobby Show - Preliminary Report

(The "Make & Take It" that just wouldn't go away,

along with Iwata's Airbrushing Seminars)



March 17, 2002


The 2002 East Coast Hobby Show takes place in just six days. It's shaping up to be another very interesting event.


I, along with two fellow modelers (Joe Smith and Joe Baxter) will be conducting airbrush seminars at the Iwata Booth on the three days that the show will be held.


One of the things we will be doing is going through five different sessions on airbrushing. The first session will deal with the airbrush's general characteristics. The next three will deal with different types of airbrush techniques and concepts, (with the sessions going through a gradual increase in complexity). The final session will deal with cleaning up your airbrush, along with discussing some of the potential problems that can occur with it.


In addition to the Iwata airbrushing seminars, we - (Del Val and Bux-Mont Modeling Club Members) - will be conducting a limited Make & Take It Program. We will be using different types of model kits that have been donated from a number of the Model Kit Manufacturers.


Because of a number of factors, the M&TI Session will only take place during Sunday's show. In addition, this session will be conducted during limited hours, (probably from 11 am to 3 or 4 or 5 pm).


If you live near Phila, and have no plans for next weekend, you might want to consider dropping by.


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