Wonderfest 2009 Show Report
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
A week ago on Monday, May 18th, I arrived home (at 4:30 in the morning) from another exciting and rewarding wonderful Wonderfest weekend.

Even though itís been just over a week since the show took place, my creative thoughts and juices are still flowing strong, (just as was the case with every previous Wonderfest Show that Iíve attended).

I am still so jazzed up from this high-octane modeling event that Iíve started designing an original aircraft/spacecraft fighter that I plan to create. (My participation in the Iron Modeler Contest (I.M.C.) probably has something to do with this).

In addition, Iíve switched out my old air compressor, (that finally gave up its ghost during the I.M.C.) and plugged in a new one, getting back to working on assembling and airbrushing my three on-going Babylon 5 Starfuries.

This yearís Wonderfest trip almost didnít occur for yours truly. Due to tight times financially, I had initially planned to skip the show.

The stars started to align for me several months prior to the show, though. Kit, my roommate from last yearís Wonderfest informed me that he would be coming along with his father, and that if I was interested, I could still share a room with them, (splitting the fees 3 ways).

After I agreed, another friend of mine (Joe), who is not really into models (other than miniature gaming figures), was soo psyched from a previous Wonderfest Report of mine that he asked to tag along to this yearís show.

I was able to snag a last minute reservation at the newly crowned Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport Hotel. In addition, I was able to squeeze into an opening to conduct a ďHow-ToĒ Modeling Demonstration. Finally, I was able to draft Jay Chladek and his partner in crime Kevin Stone to join me in forming a new I.M.C. team. (My two I.M.C. buddies Andy and Andrew from the previous two years were unable to attend this year).

A couple of weeks prior to the show everything was finalized for the trip.

(Thursday, May 14 @ 7:00 am Ė Leaving for the Show)
On the Wednesday before Wonderfest I had intended to get to sleep at a decent hour, since I planned to leave early at 5:00 am. At a driving time of just under 12 hours, this would allow us to arrive at somewhere between 5 and 6 pm. Unfortunately we all know what they say about the bestĖlaid plans.

Due to quite a few very last minute computer tasks that turned up for me, I wasnít able to finish everything until around 3 am, (Thursday morning)! Even with our new departure time of 7 am, this would allow me a mere 4 hours of sleep. Ultimately, I ended up just staying up all night long.

Joe showed up at my house at 7 am. I informed him that I would be good with the drive for anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, at which point he would have to take over for a bit. We packed up the car and were off, on our merry way.

Just as during previous Wonderfest trips, we traveled down south first by 295 (in New Jersey), then by I-95 (through Delaware and Maryland), before veering off west just before Baltimore onto 695, working our way West and South.

We hit only some minor traffic on 695. Thankfully, things quickly picked up.

I finally turned the wheel over to Joe at around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. After a quick 2-hour catnap, I was refreshed enough to take over the driving.

Ultimately, we ended up stopping several times to gas up and pick up first some brunch, followed later by some dinner. We arrived at Louisville at a little after 9:00 pm.

After travelling around to 3 or 4 of the cheaper hotels in the surrounding area, we decided that the small savings just wasnít worth having to pack back up the following morning and check into the Crowne Plaza. So, we ended up just checking into the Crowne a day early.

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