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"The Hand That Betrayed Her"
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(The Krote-How I did it: General notes on the design)
I like SF3D, and Second World War German Armor, but not "Nazis in Space".

This dio. is a remake of one that I did some 25 years ago. That Krote was stock and the girl was in one of the AFSs of the series. As in this dio. she was Polish but the Krote was East German (remember them?). The scene took place in the future with the Warsaw Pact (remember them?) falling apart. I got the details wrong.

My new dio features an Imperial German walker on an alternate Earth in a parallel dimension, circa 1960. I tried to correct what I perceived as flaws in the walker's design.

(The Krote: Construction notes)
Sheet plastic, tubing, and rod were extensively used as well as aluminum and brass tubing and rod. As noted above Elmer's wood filler was used both as a filler and to replicate weld beads.

The occasional plastic kit piece found its way into this project. The engine's heat deflector grill is from an Italeri 1/35th scale M4.

The Krote is back heavy. Switching the legs so they are turned around and pushing the turret farther forward, solved this.

The legs were also too weak. They were thickened.

Most of the body appeared heavily armored, but for some reason the weapon aperture, sensors, and engine are exposed. Correcting this lead to a major redesign of the turret/head.

The 20mm quad was replaced by a single 37mm just as the Germans did in WWII. The muzzle break is patterned on those used by Luftwaffe aircraft in WWII to reduce recoil. The walker does not fall over when the gun is fired. Forward of the weapons package, and slaved to it, is an optical gun sight. Opposite it is a knocked out head light, suspended by an electric wire. The green ground wire has broken off.

Elmar's Wood Filler was used to blend in the new parts with the old and create a rough cast texture at the same time. Second WW German design did not utilize large castings but in the 60s the original Leopard tank turret did.

Reticulated skirtzen was added to protect the hip sockets.

The foot has four large hex head bolts, two on each side. They would be used in the winter to attach 'Ostketten' snow shoes. The foot has a heavy tread rubber sole for traction.

With all new parts I tried to incorporate design elements found on WWII German armor. The lifting hooks on the engine deck are patterned on those found on Panthers and Tiger IIs. The same applies to the tail light.

A Nahvertiedgungswaffe (close-in defense weapon) was added to the turret roof for self defense. This vehicle is a remotely operated drone, which is why there are five TV cameras. The three in the front represent a newer style in gimbaled mini turrets. The two rearward facing ones are of an older design in swivel mounts.

The weapons package would be one in a modular interchangeable system. Her main armament is 37mm automatic cannon. Secondary armament is a 15mm Heavy Machine Gun. Both are belt fed from a drum magazine accessed through the large circular hatch in the turret roof.

Opposite the weapons package is an IR projector and receiver.

Placed on the turret rear is a domed housing for an IFF unit.

On the front of the transmission is a similar housing for a forward facing ground sonar unit. Adjacent to it is an armored covering of unknown purpose, but patterned on a protective M.G. covering for the Jagdpanzer IV.

I do not believe that 'walkers' will ever be a practical design. They are too tall and so would be easy targets. Armor will not help much because the kinetic energy from one of today's tank cannons would knock it over. I assume that each platoon of Krotes would have to be accompanied by a Bergekrote, to pick them up when they fall down.

Placing the name Porsche on the breast plate suggests a similar flawed design on another planet in another time, but this is in no way connected to a major automotive company that could sue me for trade mark infringement. Porsche is simply the name of a girl that I once knew. Any similarity is purely coincidental.

Rear mounted IFF dome covering and '701' casting number (seen on Jadgpanthers) made from sculpty. TV camera's gimballed mini turret's dome was pirated form a part in a PKA Gustav kit. Lifting points are made from steel picture frame wire.

The traversing fixture on the turret's bottom was moved back, pushing the turret forward. This restored the kit's balance.

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