Millennium Hobbies' May 2015 Pot Luck

May 24, 2015

(Introduction - “Can you S-M-E-L-L-L-L-L what the Gundam Kitchen is Cooking???” Sorry about that!)
Yesterday, the third installment of The (Gundam) Pot Luck took place at the Millennium Hobbies (& The Gundam Kitchen). Store owner Irad has been holding these little get-togethers at his store, (located in the Clementon/Blackwood area of New Jersey) on the third or fourth Saturday of the month since March of this year.

Participants are encouraged to bring (for show-n-tell) their completed Gundam build-ups, along with other sci-fi pieces.

With the addition of a small model building area and a wide-screen TV situated towards the rear of the store, these events are very festive affairs. (Interestingly enough, the Anime series being shown during the event was the Gundam Build Try series, which ironically pertains to kids who build Gundam Model Kits and compete them in a very realistic, virtual gaming system).

This was the second time I attended the Gundam Pot luck, and once again I was glad I made the 45-minute trip down to the store.

Irad opened Millennium Hobbies & The Gundam Kitchen back in December of last year. His inspiration came from a desire to own his own store.

Irad actually didn’t get into model building until after graduating from college. (He commented that while he was in college, he was a “poor college student”, with very limited funds). He didn’t have enough disposable income to immerse himself into model building (in general), and building Gundams (in particular), until after graduating.

(May 23rd’s Pot Luck)
I arrived at the store at somewhere around 5:30. (The Pot Luck was scheduled to run from 5 until 8 pm).

Unfortunately, I had not completed any Gundams, (or any models for that matter) since the previously occurring April get-together. However, to have something to bring and display I decided to dust off, (literally) a number of my old 1980’s Revell Robotech Robots, along with one of the very first Gundams I had built, (a High Grade Epyon, which was purchased from Toys-R-Us).

(To view the associated kit reviews, you can go here:


Upon arriving and entering the store I set my miniature mecha up on the designated table. (There were already a number of additions on the table). I then proceeded to take in all of the models out on display.

There were around 8 or 10 other Gundams, (with this number growing steadily, throughout the afternoon and evening hours).

In addition, the small store was pretty filled and busy with fellow Gundam-"ites" - (yep, I just made the word up) – sharing specifics on their builds, shopping, and working on purchased models.

The store, in general has a very nice mix of Gundam, other Anime model kits, collectables, tools, paints, posters and shirts for sale.

There were also a number of display cases which show-cases Gundams built by customers.

In addition to the Gundams and other Japanese Mecha Models, Irad also has military and automotive kits available for purchase.

There is even a racing course set up at the rear of the store, for some really fast, kewl car racing to take place.

I shot-the-stuff with others in attendance, and took in all of the sights and sounds at the store.

I had a couple of kits I had previously ordered which I purchased, (along with several additional ones. I also picked up some Vallejo paints).

Time flew by, until the bewitching hour of 8 o’clock finally arrived.

(Closing thoughts)
I ended up staying at the store well past 8:00. There were several others (in addition to Irad) who were still hanging out.

In addition to having a BLAST at the event, I was really glad to have had a chance to talk to the other builders of the models which showed up. I was able to gather some very helpful and insightful tips on paint choices, painting techniques, and other specifics on the very nicely built Gundams which were on display. I was also able to share some of my own painting and airbrushing tips and techniques with others.

All-in-all, The Gundam Pot Luck was a quite an enjoyable event.

(Some Pics from April’s Pot Luck Get-together)
Ohh-Kay…almost forgot here. Found below are pictures I had taken at the April Pot Luck Get Together.

Take care, Keep Building and God’s Blessings!
- Tony

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