2011 Miniature Figure Collectors of America
70th Annual Show and Mart

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May 30, 2011

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. This was a key, strategic location for General George Washington and his Continental Army. On December 19, 1777, General Washington led his army of 12,000 troops to this area to camp for the winter. The army had suffered through a number of battles with the British, and with their arrival, their suffering continued. They experienced severe shortages of food and clothing. Upwards of 2,000 soldiers died during their brutal, wintry stay at Valley Forge.

Through the winter and into the following spring, the conditions these valiant warriors had to endure gradually improved. They started receiving much needed supplies and food. In addition, new troops started to arrive. One of the most important changes was brought about with the arrival of Prussian drillmaster Baron Friedrich von Steuben. Von Steuben succeeded in transforming the troops into a very organized, effective fighting force, which began defeating the British soldiers in subsequent battles.

With the historical importance of Valley Forge, itís appropriate that this yearís Miniature Figure Collectors of America Show took place once again at the Valley Forge Convention Center.

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