Miniature Figure Collectors of America
Annual Show and Mart

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July 29, 2002

On May 3rd & 4th of this year the 61st Annual Miniature Figure Collectors of America Show & Mart took place. The show returned to its traditional location at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia, PA.


This was the second time I attended the event. I ended up taking my two sons in tow with me. (The deal that was struck was we would leave early enough to allow them to attend a Poke'mon tournament being held at a Mall located near our home).

We arrived at the show sometime around 11 am. There appeared to be more vendors and a larger crowd on hand than the previous year.


I quickly made my way towards the rear of the room, to the display area. On my way I ran into numerous Del Val members, who regularly help out at the show.


The variety of models being displayed appeared to be greater than the previous year. There were numerous armor pieces and dioramas out on display.


In addition, there were a number of aircraft dioramas and ships being displayed as well.

Directly prior to the show beginning on Wednesday, May 1st Grand Master Bob Knee began conducting a three-day seminar on figure painting. The fruits of the labor of those who participated were out on display at the entrance of the display room.

One of my modeling buds named John Jastrzebski had attended this class. He was also in attendance at the MFCA Show. John (proudly) displayed his miniature bust that he had painted.

Another modeling bud who was on hand was a gent named Vince Buonfiglio. Vinnie displayed a number of different types of models that he had assembled and painted.

I once again ran into my modeling-show-attending-partner-in-crime, Mark Vantine. Mark brought with him a variety of his recent model figure creations.

There were a fair number of other fantasy, sci-fi and horror figures out on display.


In addition, there was the regular compliment of exquisitely detailed and painted miniature figures. The figures, dioramas and vignettes on display covered a wide variety of subjects and topics.

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