Mobile Suit Gundam Invasion Tour 2001

(at Toys R Us)


October 9, 2001


Recently, I attended the Mobile Suit Gundam Invasion Tour 2001 Show. This particular show was held on Sunday, September 16 at the Toys R Us parking lot located in Deptford, New Jersey. I dropped by with my two sons, Anthony and Michael.


The tour centered around a very colorful, 53 foot trailer. There were both Playstation and Playstation 2 games set up into one if its sides.


There were also all sorts of TVs set up inside the trailer, showing segments from different Gundam shows. There were very colorful and informative pictures decorating the walls inside, "authentic" items from the shows, and Gundam merchandise. The crème de la crème, though, was the many nicely built and weathered Gundam models that were out on display.


In addition to all of the above, there were free posters, tee shirts and collector game cards that were given out.


The show was a BLAST! We spent over 3 hour there, taking in the sites and playing the two different Gundam games.


I have written a full-blown article on my experiences there. Originally, I planned to post it here at my site. However, it now appears that the article will be appearing in an upcoming issue of the Modeler's Resource Magazine, (along with some of the many, numerous pictures that I took).


Stay tuned…

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