Full, in Depth Reviews
(Updated on April 15, 2017)

Mecha (robots, mobile suits and armored vehicles)

       Armored Crab Review, (Phases #1 - #4)

       HobbyLink.TV's Review on Maschinen Krieger's (Ma.K.)
1/20 S.A.F.S. Snake-Eye Reconnaissance Type Sea Pig by Wave

       Paul Keefe's
"Die schwarze Witwe" (The Black Widow), (extenively modified Ma. K. Gustav)

       Star Wars "Tra-don" Kit Review

       Star Wars AAT Kit Review

       Dale Stringer's Review of Polar Light's Batboat and ODG's Batbase

       Paul Keefe's "The Hand That Betrayed Her" Diorama

       Bandi's HG Gundam Wing Mobile Suits:

       Star Wars Episode One STAP
with improved Battle Droid


       Tim Roy's "U.S.S. Reliant on a Budget"

       Star Wars Episode One Naboo fighter
and Trade Federation Droid Fighters

       Lost-in-Space (Movie) Jupiter 2

       Babylon 5 Starfuries
Building a Better Starfury:
Sinclair's "Battle of the line" Starfury
and Ivaonva's Starfury

       Babylon 5 Starfury (Black Omega)

       Independence Day Four - Alien Attacker Spacecraft

    Miscellaneous (includes actual aircraft, automobiles and armor)

       Testors 1:24 scale"Super Tuners" Honda S2000




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