Chiller Theatre's Fall 2006 Show
(Friday's Chiller Theatre)

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

This year’s Fall Chiller Theatre (Toy, Model and Film Expo) Show took place on the weekend of October 27 at the Crown Plaza in Secaucus New Jersey. This new locale for the show is located just five minutes down the road from their old Sheraton Meadowlands location.

With a movement to hold the Model Contests only once a year during their October Shows, I had been looking forward to this event all year long.

This go-round I decided to attend the show both on Friday evening as well as Saturday. In addition, just as in the past I was smart enough to pre-order my tickets (through Village Comics), in order to avoid those ever-increasing LONG lines that seem to be the norm at Chiller.

(Friday’s Chiller)

On Friday night after work, I ended up taking one of my Delaware Valley Scale Modeler Club buddies (Tommy K.) with me. He had been expressing an interest in attending this show (forever it seems). I was finally able to get him to come and tag along.

At the very last minute my 6-year old daughter Claire also decided that she wanted to come along. (I had taken her with me to one or two previous Chiller Shows.)

Upon our 7:00 pm departure, after a rough, windy and rainy 90 minute drive up North on the NJ Turnpike we finally arrived at the Hotel. After a very brief wait in line for Tommy to purchase a ticket we were in.

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