Chiller Theatre’s Spring 2002 Show
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Sunday, May 12, 2002


Chiller Theatre’s latest installment took place just under a month ago on Friday, April 19th through Sunday, April 21st. Just as was the case with their Fall 2001 Show, I ended up dropping by on Friday, after work, along with attending the show again on Saturday. In addition, I ended up purchasing my tickets ahead of time through the mail (to avoid the HUGE lines that usually form at this show).


As was also the case, I hung out a bit with my Chiller bud Mark V. (Vantine), along with picking up my other Chiller bud Gene from Philadelphia on Saturday morning, bringing him along with me to the show.



Friday’s Show

There was the usual compliment of vendors at the Show.  I ran into Tom Parker and Henry Frickel, who were set up selling plastic and vinyl kits. In addition, they had replacement resin heads, hands and miscellaneous parts for the Aurora Godzilla and Revell Batman kits. For Godzilla, they had the train-chomping version of the head, along with the hand that held a crushed train car.


For the Adam West head (that attaches to Revell's Batman kit), there was also a compliment of bat belt attachments for his utility belt. Both sets were being sold with and without their respective kits.


Perennial Chiller vendor Terry Web (of the Amazing Figure Modeler) was there as well, selling his merchandise. He had his kewl rotating King Kong and Godzilla mini-figures out on display and for sale.


I ended up picking up David Fisher’s latest Model Mania Volume 4 video from Terry.


Ed Bowkley was set up as well, with his ever-expanding line of resin busts and figures. In addition, he had the latest edition of the Model Maniacs Magazine out for sale. (More on that a bit later).


I ran into Wayne Hanson, who had arrived a bit late to the show, (due to car problems that he had experienced). I picked up a set of his two Sleepy Hollow/Headless Horseman resin heads, for Polar Lights corresponding kit. One head was of the horseman himself, with the second being of that poor beheaded Mayor.


The crowd at Friday’s show was a bit light, as they tend to be. This was one of the reasons for my desire to attend the show on Friday.


There were quite a few GK figure vendors set up. Included were Jayco, Village Comics, Sassy Satellites, Blackstar Models, Amok Times, Dungeon of Design, Resin Crypt, Night Gallery, Posthumous Productions, Attack of the Clay People, Mad Labs and Alternative Images. There were numerous built-ups on display at their tables.


I ultimately located and hooked up with Mark, picking up a couple kits from him. They were his Bayou Beast (Manthing) and his Doc Savage figures.

For my two sons - (along with for me, when they finally get tired of playing with it) - I picked up a LARGE Gundam "BYG-ZAM" toy that Bandai makes. I had been eye-balling this bad-boy for the past couple of years at the show, but always ended up spending my money on items that were higher on my priority list.

I stuck around until the show was over at 11 pm, (at which point the staff promptly started kicking everyone out). I jumped on the road and headed home.


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