Building Nik Jardine’s Armored Crab,
(Crab #1, Phase Four, Final Look)

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

(Some final thoughts. The crab's finish turned out to be not quite what I had originally envisioned)

When looking at my finished crab, I realized (quite quickly) that I really hadn't achieved what I'd originally set up to accomplish. Specifically, I hadn't achieved that nice, realistic, metallic-blue finish.

After all of my hard work of meticulous paint searching and selecting, multiple sessions of carefully masking different regions, followed by carefully painting different hues of blue on, instead of my crab resembling a small, in-scale metallic behemoth, it resembled more of a shiny piece of futuristic jewelry.

The "true-metallic" look I was shooting for ended up becoming a bright, candy-finish.

In addition, my blotches and insignias ended up being much more faded than I had originally intended them to be.
(I probably should have experimented a bit with my different metallic paint-color selections, before applying them on).

(A Nice "Ghost Look", achieved, though)
There were a number of nice, happy occurrences happening on my crab though. The main one is that my dark blotches and insignia patterns turned into a really nice, "ghost" effect.

(They become very subdued, changing in intensity and look depending upon the light source and angle of view). This was a really nice happenstance.

(Additional "Likes")
I also liked all of the additions I had made. The scratch-built "jump jets" situated on the legs, along with their slightly darker blue coloration added some nice contrast to the crab's legs. They also added a bit more functionality to their look.

My guitar-string/hydraulic line replacements also added some nice, imbedded detail in the crab's mid-section torso.

The fact that the crab could now pivot around 360 degrees added to the "WOW!" factor, (well, it added to the wow factor for me at least)...The fact that the position of the crab's claws prevented a complete 360 degree pivot was completely irrelevant! ☺

Also, although my rhine-stone additions DID add a bit too much bling-bling, sparkling to my crab's finish, I was nevertheless pleased with their additions.

(Some Final Crab Thoughts)
All-in-all I actually DO like how my crab turned out. Its stance gives it a squat, beefy, menacing mechanical look. In addition its overall design is very unique.

As I previously mentioned, I purchased a second Armored Crab half-way the build of this one. (I'm currently at the painting stage with it). I have decided to go in a different metallic color and logo direction with it. (Stay tuned for an associated report).

Also, I've come up with a pretty kewl underwater battle scene for the two crabs, along with coming up with several adversaries.

(Stay tuned for that as well).

As always, keep the glue and paint flowing, take care and God's blessing!

- Tony

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