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January 7, 2017

Hello Everyone.
Best Wishes to you and yours for a Very Happy, Healthy 2017!
I've been away for quite a while. (I think last year I only made two updates to the site - Naw, it was one).
Also I stopped posted these text updates probably several years back.
A number of years ago I transitioned over into the Teaching Field, and ever since them my free time - from August to June - has shrunk down to practically nothing...
...Ironically, same thing for my model building activity, although I'm in the process of bringing it back to life.
Anyway, I've decided to start writing these regular updates once again.
In addition, I'm going try hard, REALLY HARD to update this site at least once a month.
...And on that note, found below is a link to a mini-report I wrote on last year's MarauderCon Modeling Show.
Keep the glue and paint flowing, take care and God's Blessings!

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