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February 4, 2017

Hello Everyone.

February has quickly come and its time for another update. For quite some time now I've participated in Group Modeling Sessions. What this is, is getting together with a small group of modelers, and just building and working on our models.

We bring whatever models we've been working on, along with personal modeling tools and supplies with us and "Have at it".

Generally we begin sometime late morning or early afternoon, go non-stop until we take a break for dinner, and then get back at it.

This has been combining our love for building models with the enjoyable social aspect of gathering and hanging out with friends.

I've hosted some of these modeling Get-Togethers and traveled to friend's houses, to participate. Although you are a bit limited as to what can be done, (like not being able to do airbrushing, for example), there still remains a surpringly large amount of tasks which can be accomplished, remotely.

Last December 29 I had an opportunity to participate in this most enjoyable event once again. I've written a small article on the visit and have posted it on this site. You can view it by going to: Model Till You Drop 2016

Keep the glue and paint flowing, take care and God's Blessings!



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